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Published on August 23rd, 2013 | by Editorial Staff


EXCLUSIVE PICS: Why We Fought In Vietnam

A few weeks ago we got a great deal of pictures from Nguyen Trong Tan, a fan of the American Military Facebook page, illustrating why we were in Vietnam. Below are her words and we want to share those photos with you in an American Military News exclusive. She makes the point that we Americans were there to protect lives, especially the futures of their children. Many of these pictures show U.S. troops saving children and getting them out of harms way as the Communists tried blowing them up. We found her words and these pictures touching.

That’s Why They Fought In Vietnam

Terrorist bombing by VC outside US Embassy in Saigon (March 30, 1965). Innocent civilians were killed and wounded, lying on the street and waiting for help after terrorist bombing by the communists.


Communist terrorists bombs before Saigon City Hall, 7 innocent civilians killed, 47 wounded (26-10-1962) (Associated Press)


Center Saigon terrorist attack by communists in Saigon 1966. Many innocent civilians were killed and injured.


Vietnamese students indignation hanged effigies De Gaulle and Ho Chi Minh who signed Geneva Accords, divided Vietnam, always tried to destroy all of the other parties for one dictatorial communist power and avoid any free democratic election to reunite with South Vietnam! Before that, Ho Chi Minh signed the traitorous Preliminary Agreement with France (confirming that Vietnam is a free but not independent country within the French Union blocks) for the green light to return to France colonized Vietnam!


Below are additional photos:




























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25 Responses to EXCLUSIVE PICS: Why We Fought In Vietnam

  1. NanaSkeptic says:

    My father was a US Navy Medical Corpsman who did two tours in Vietnam. I see these photos of all these children with bare bottoms and I remember him telling us about how the parents were not allowed to cover them because Viet Cong routinely used them as hiding places for grenades and body bombs. If we are truly one earthly family of man, how do we sit back on our hands and allow such atrocities to be committed- in the name of any ideology? Are we any less obligated to protect the helpless just because the weapons are Serin gas rockets rather than hand grenades? We ARE the Good Guys- f**k the Liberal political rhetoric! Merciful intervention is a moral imperative- not a religious or political ideology. If we cannot stop this evil anywhere else in the world, we will not keep it from our own shores- no matter how big we grow the NSA.

  2. Terry Harvey says:

    I would like to thank Nguyen Trong Tan for these photos from a time forgotten or unknown by many Americans. This was my life then and has been a part of my life ever since. You will never see this side of military action in the movies. Thanks for the post..

  3. sk says:

    No voice except thanks is in this post. This is the archives of love and mercy in the soldier’s courage. We’ll continue having those all for walking up again.
    Thank you for great post.

  4. yankeebean2000 . says:

    Someone should show these to Hanoi Jane who accused these guys of being baby killers. Having grown up during the VN War, this yanks at my heartstrings and I’m grateful that someone from the other side has stood up for the American Military that even some of our own people have vilified. Thank you Nguyen Trong!

  5. Annette Hebert says:


  6. kim morsund says:

    My father fight in the Vietnam war . I ask this question what happen to the babies and people that were carried ? where did they go. I want thank the soldiers that were there . so many need to hear that. my dad would tell us stories of what he experience over there . it was quite sad. my dad and a partner where patrolling an area, and my dad got hit. luckily it was a minor ; but never the less he continued to do his duties . again many thanks for your time serve in and out of service.

  7. Jeff Close says:

    I’m a little too young to have served in Vietnam, but assisting in the rescue of Vietnamese refugees from a decrepit overloaded boat adrift in the Gulf of Thailand in 1982 taught me volumes about why we fought.

  8. Doc Shepherd says:

    Don’t for the life of me know why everything has to be politicized now days. I am a liberal, maybe even a progressive, and proud of it. Am also extremely proud of my service in Nam as a decorated combat medic. Are the two exclusive? I think not. We are all Americans. I too endured decades of never being able to talk about my experience. And many of those who made that experience difficult to endure are the same who now profess their patriotism. Just because I do not believe the same as you does not make me less an American. In fact, I believe that I am more of a patriot than many of the loudest voices. That’s what we are supposed to be able to do as Americans, speak our mind. Not fall in line with those who scream the loudest.

  9. timthesocialist says:

    Bullshit. This is pure propaganda. Ho Chi Minh didn’t want independence from the French? Yeah, I suppose that’s why Dien Bien Phu happened. No, your bullshit justifications won’t wipe away the shame of the US imperialist war on Vietnam. The US killed 3 million people in Vietnam while destroying their forests, raping their women, and burning their villages. No amount of soldiers holding babies can rewrite that history.

    • Maurice Stapler says:

      Hey Tim! Did you forget or just didn’t want to recall how many civilians perished in the “Reeducation Camps” after the fall of Saigon? We had a term for guys like you. Let me remember what it was, Oh yeah, “ASS WIPE”.

    • JC in TN says:

      Who are you shouting at, troll? I’m sure Nguyen Trong Tan doesn’t give a damn what you think.

    • rdcress says:

      Tim, your socialist affliction blurs your reasoning. Yes, the war was wrong but your anger toward the American soldier is misdirected. First, you fail to realize that it like Korea, Iraq, Afghanistan, Somalia, and every conflict since WWII was a United Nations action. The game plan was not to defeat communism in the region, not to defeat a threatening enemy but to engage in the endless war that perpetuates the relevancy of the U.N. and the drive toward international government. There certainly were atrocities committed by a few and many civilians killed as a result of the conflict but to characterize our soldiers as murdering rapist is a little delusional. Well over 100 million people were killed in the 20th century as a result of totalitarian governments. To include yourself in with the mindset of those governments shows the true shortsightedness or your views. It’s obvious that you have had one too many sips of the kool-aid and refuse to place accountability where it belongs. I’m sure you voted for Obama and you are probably an avid supporter of the ACA even though it has disrupted the lives of millions and will continue to do so unless repealed. Tim, your time would be better spent studying up on the real issues rather than taking your marching orders and lame attempts at trolling from Madow, Moore, and Combs.

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  11. wwlee4411 says:

    Co. “A”, 124th Sig. Batt., 4th Inf. Div., Pleiku, II Corps.

  12. Dom Vitti says:

    Our troops ROCKS

  13. Logan Roebuck says:

    i wish my grandfather could have seen these. he always told me sometimes he questioned what they were doing and he said he questioned his sanity at times. My grandfather said he would have never traded the two tours he served in vietnam for anything and he changed over there for the better. He also said he had to honor to serve with some of the best Marines he has ever met. From me and my family THANK YOU VIETNAM VETERANS.

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