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Published on August 9th, 2013 | by Editorial Staff


Anonymous Has Infiltrated The U.S. Army & May Have More Influence Than We Think


Well file this under concerning.

According to a BuzzFeed interview with an active-duty Army captain and member of Anonymous, not only are many members of Anonymous in the military but they have played an active role in the Arab Spring and are planning more Bradley Manning type leaks.

Using different internet channels and message boards, these military members of Anonymous have been able to communicate with each other and members of the outside organization. The Army has taken several steps to crack down on these leaks and infiltration and is relying heavily on troops keeping a suspicious eye on their fellow troops, especially in the intelligence community.

Here is the transcript on the interview:

An active-duty Army captain and member of Anonymous describes how the organization operates, his own involvement in the Arab Spring, how the crackdown on Bradley Manning and Edward Snowden has affected soldiers, and how more leaks are on the way. He has agreed to speak with BuzzFeed on the condition of anonymity.

Are there a lot of members of Anonymous in the Army?
There are more than you would think, more heavily in the techie world [of the military] — especially at Fort Huachuca, where all the intel people are. A lot of them wanted to get the job [there] because they want to learn secret stuff and have a better personal understanding of how the world actually works.

How do you know who is in Anonymous?
Initially we have the handshaking phase. The lingo is still relatively unknown. In conversation, you drop in jokes. If you are with someone on a mission, you’re like, “Man, there are over 9,000 reasons that this is a bad idea.” That initially establishes friendship. Once you feel comfortable with the person and they aren’t just posing as part of the culture, then you talk about what they’ve done and how much a part of it they are. It gets to the point where you are discussing individual operations.

What are the most popular operations amongst soldiers?
Anonymous is so distributed and leaderless that everyone has operations they love and hate. Operation Cartel, especially at Fort Bliss. Operation Dark Net was universally loved. And Operation Payback was pretty well received.

What about you?
I was involved in the Arab Spring opening up internet communications. I was a facilitator for a lot of people who have more skills than me in the cyber world. I knew people who I met through 4chan, 9Chan, and 7Chan and then a lot of AnonOps IRCs and who they needed to talk to — the organizations that would help them, and people in government would give them resources and access — and was able to convince them to talk to people in Anonymous. I got people in the right [internet relay chat] rooms at the right time.

Would the military consider you a white or black hat?
The military sees me as black hat.

Is that a fair assessment?
All hats are gray. Every white hacker I know has a night job that is very much a black-hat job.

What were the results of what you did for the Arab Spring?
From what I heard they were able to establish ways to assist the activists to have a method where they could get information out of Egypt and have certain Twitter accounts tweet that information on their behalf. But I don’t know for sure. As soon as I was like, “Hey, this is this person,” and vice versa, they did tweet confirmation to make sure that certain Twitter accounts were controlled by certain people, and then I headed out of the room so there would be no “taint” of having a fed there.

Why do Anonymous members outside the military trust you?
My credibility is incredibly suspect in the group. I admit I work for the feds, and I provide information on myself so that they are comfortable. There are people who I only know as screen names but I have put my career in their hands.

What specific actions have other soldiers taken?
There are several [soldiers] I know that probably did things, but I don’t know know that they did. I can legally say, probably under a [lie] detector, I have no proof that they did it. We keep our activities totally separate because at any point in time I can be put in the chair that I can’t lie in. You have to keep the /b/ [4chan’s “Random” board] brotherhood strong.

Does the military know about the Anonymous presence?
Pre-Manning, there were several academic papers put out trying to analyze it and school the leadership. Because the Army is a very top-down organization, they assume that [Anonymous] is too. Leadership wasn’t concerned with it until Manning happened. Then they read everything under the [lens] of what Manning did and it just scared them — scared them blind. They know we are in there and they assume that we are all going to do a Manning or a Snowden.

How have they addressed it?
Every six months you are mandated to get a Threat Awareness and Reporting Procedures Brief. It used to be very much like how to … spot the Iraqi contractor who is pacing off your base. Now it is, “Look at the person at your left and right. Are they espousing social beliefs that don’t line up with Army values? What websites do they go to at work?” With the caveat that it is OK to have political beliefs that are different. You get a heavy-handed feeling.
I have had more than a few officers come up to me and as we are trying to talk about [Anonymous] they are worried, like, “Are you CID [working undercover for the Central Investigative Division]?” Because you always worry about that.

Are the retaliations against Manning and Snowden discouraging Anonymous activity and the desire to leak information?
A lot [of Anonymous members] have been in long enough and are jaded. They are watching as the government comes down harder and harder. There is a growing sense of disdain and hatred because we are complicit in it. There are some secrets that need to be secrets but the stuff [the military] keeps secret just to protect the bottom line — you just feel like you are selling your soul every day. That is a lot of the motivation. Especially for people of the generation that believe that information should be free.

Are we going to see more leaks?
Yes. A lot [of Anonymous members] are mid- to high-rank NCOs. They are well-respected, have connections, and overly large security clearances. A lot of people who are part of the [Anonymous] culture are just dying at this point for something to come across their table that isn’t already out there. It is so easy to leak information that if you want to, you can do it.


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54 Responses to Anonymous Has Infiltrated The U.S. Army & May Have More Influence Than We Think

  1. Mithridates Eupator says:

    No; Anonymous has not ‘infiltrated the US Military’.

    It’s that Soldiers are waking up from their conditioning and *joining* Anonymous.

  2. Eddie Vroom says:

    Army Values? Does that mean sucking the chaplain’s dick?..

  3. Ben says:

    If it’s true… congrats! Looking forward to the liberty movement.

  4. FUCKUPIG says:

    Keep doing the right thing boys. Our government is lost, and the American people are nothing but an experiment for the elite. Our Police State is out of control, and our government is making a civilian military force by arming our cops with military grade weaponry and armored vehicles. Enough’s enough folk,…DO NOT vote for the incumbent. Vote for a 3rd party that stands by the constitution. Stop being a sheep because all is well in YOUR LIFE! Don’t let that make you think all is well. Fix things now with that 3rd party vote so your kids and their kids will have a better America. Military members, please leaking the secrets and do the right thing. Snowden is a HERO, Manning is a HERO !

    • bibi husain says:

      yes they also helping us here against the goverment, good for u boys

    • Michele Seven says:

      “Our” what? Speak for yourself. And fuck the government. Govern yourself. You dare to call other people “sheep” while you practically sing the Star Spangled Banner? Nobody in Anonymous wants a better America. Better people…start with you. Untether yourself.

  5. Gnarls Barkley says:

    This article reads like a script for a counter-terrorism version of Reefer Madness.

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  7. bibi husain says:

    ellos estan aqui en venezuela tambien, hackiando todos las paginas del gobierno del masburro

  8. alexander the new yorker says:

    good over evil .. don’t give up the ship

  9. Jack says:

    You can’t join anonymous. Anonymous is an idea and I think it’s great that our military is starting to support it.

  10. Will says:

    He must have said “/b/rotherhood,” right? He wouldn’t say /b/ brotherhood. Thats fucking stupid.

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  12. Chad Beckort says:

    so is this group “Anonymous” good? are they on the side of the American people? or do they work for the goverment? Are they a threat? dose anyone have any info on this group. I am just trying to figure out which side they are on and if i should support them or not. What do they stand for?

    • Shawn Brackney says:

      Yes they are good. Anonymous is on the American peoples side. Think of robinhood. Thats kinda in a way like anonymous. Go to youtube check out genuine anoymous videos and ops.

      • Ariel Rainault says:

        Anon. does not stop in America…..you can’t join Anonymous because it is an idea….Anonymous has done some great work. From what I know purely of Anonymous is that they make sure bullies don’t get away with anything, not anymore, the ones leaking secrets, I think mostly they would never release any information that would ever hurt anyone. Anonymous like most ideas, people try to put a label on it, and I would say if you are going to label it and make it a “side” know that all sides on the table somewhere within is a true Anonymous. Anon is intelligent because it is WE THE PEOPLE everywhere in the world. And mostly do not take kind to manipulators, evil doers, liars, or thieves. It is based on natural common sense. Humanity has lost its most natural instincts because we have decided to turn an eye to things….slowly being manipulated into not speaking at all. Now you want a voice and many feel voiceless. Anonymous is an idea, Anonymous is a voice, Anonymous is life experience,…I believe that is why they do not forgive and they do not forget. Long time families start claiming their livelihoods and stop allowing bullies to run and manipulate them. USA needs to snap out of it…not wake up….SNAP OUT OF IT…this stockholme syndrome must end!

    • Regina Smiley says:

      anonymous is an idea. there is no right or wrong side. as you can take up whichever objective you personally are against. for example if you are against child abuse. or against genetically modified foods. it is up to YOU to fight for what is right. The idea is a concept. that numbers grow fast every year. when masking faces. this is not to hide any identity. this is to stand as one. to fight for what we believe as ONE.

  13. Robert Munson says:

    I don’t buy it. Why would this person implicate everyone on the base by naming it? I think if this is a real interview the person giving it is undercover working for the Admin. not Anonymous and trying to get someone to out themselves. Too much information given here. Be wary who you trust for sure.

  14. Jim Profit says:

    Who the fuck do these terrorists think they are? Just what the fuck does our government do that’s so bad? You know whose bad? Facebook, Google, I don’t see hacktivists putting on a Batman mask and going after them while they commit tax fraud, legal fraud, stock fraud, and walk away with billions. They’re just criminals and sociopaths with dreams of grandeur trying to justify their treason.

    • Scott Bush says:

      What the fuck do they do that’s so bad? Try spying on every American all the time and wiping their asses with the fourth Amendment. Get a clue

    • eccles11 says:

      “Just what the fuck does our government do that’s so bad? ”

      Are you fucking serious?

  15. Wiki-Truths says:

    File this under AWESOME you mean.

  16. Anon.... says:

    This is not Anon. Anon would not provide a detailed “show & tell” like this. Simply a faked interview.

    • eccles11 says:

      It’s not an amorphous entity though, this was one guy claiming to be anon, he very well may be, and he may have his own personal interests in revealing this.

  17. Vassilis N. Perantzakis says:

    Ever thought that Anonymous is not the concern but the actions that made them necessary are?

  18. Gary Carlyle says:

    anon are just human beings. having more human beings protecting others is surely a good thing.

  19. Edward Porter Alexander says:

    This intel was already circulating online and published in books months ago. They’re just trying to shake the tree, but Anon is not in the tree. Maybe it they watched a couple movies like The Matrix (first movie only) and Fight Club, they’d have a better idea about things.

  20. Zuzu says:

    this guy is not Anon, hes a spotlight hungry band wagon monkey. These are not “in jokes”, they are common everyday memes.

  21. Zuzu says:

    ANYONE WHO DOES NOT KNOW WHAT ANON IS, watch “We Are Legion”. After watching you will know this guy is not Anon.

  22. reepotomac says:

    Is there any order you wouldn’t carry out?

    That’s what I thought.

  23. Simon DW says:

    BS, Guy hasn’t got a clue, he’s some Walter Mitty or a crap informant fantasist.. Very funny

  24. Zstimman says:

    Because this what we need, more low level PFCs like Bradley Manning making Presidential decision on his own. Wait till this blows up in our faces and thousands of people lose their lives because somebody betrayed their oath, and allegiance to the US Constitution.

    • DragonPie says:

      I feel like drone bombing civilians should somehow betray some sort of oath.

    • Freer says:

      Oh, right, betray their oath to the Constitution. Maybe when the Constitution is actually in effect again, we’ll reconsider this. Meanwhile, I can hardly own a firearm (2), this message was screened by the NSA (4), etc., etc..

  25. Lutherz says:

    bout time people started waking the fuck up and realizing what the gov’t is doing

  26. TehGBear says:

    It is about time that the people on the front lines realize that they are the key to world peace. Let the warmongers be the ones on the front line and they would not be so anxious to cause their havoc.

  27. anonymous is anonymous.. anyone can be anonymous.. there is no head on the snake to cut off… just people actually using their brains instead of doing what they are told. so now we have do i really want to shoot all these people that are lined up against the wall unarmed? no? sounds good to me lets post pictures of it on the internet instead! that is exactly how you go the information about gitmo…. if these people blindly followed orders everyone would be in the fema camps right now.. nice to see that there just might be hope for humanity after all..

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  30. SK Turner says:

    I just cant believe a true Anonymous would even give an interview.

  31. GoAwayLib says:

    How man Generals did Barry replace?

  32. R. R. Roehl says:

    Perhaps the time has arrived for the Joint Chiefs of Staff at the Pentagon to send 50,000+ Marines to Washington D.C. (‘$ewertown’) and arrest the entire civilian apparatus… including all the corp-rat lobbyists on K $treet… and the evil banksters at the Federal Zionist Reserve Bank. The nation’s $ocio-economic-political institutions are irreparably corrupted. They can’t be fixed. We have to burn down the god damn village in order to save it.

  33. Larry Polinski says:

    I see comments that you don’t join Anonymous. This may have been somewhat true in the past but with the collective growing as it has and so many people aligning so deeply that perspective should be left in the past. I myself am active and do consider myself a member and do consider myself to have joined the movement. We are too big now to be considered just an idea but rather a full fledged resistance. Anonymous is a long overdue movement. The goverment and corporations are now being watched and we need to keep the pressure on. America is not the country it once was and we need to make things right for the good of all. God bless these brave individuals who risk everything for the good of the country and the world.

  34. Rodney White says:

    There scared so yes they will find another way’s to make them in the right.

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  36. Paul Carpenter says:


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