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Published on August 26th, 2013 | by Editorial Staff


2 Million Bikers To Storm D.C. On 9/11 To Stand Against The Million Muslim March

Well this should be interesting….

This September 11th one million muslims, organized by the American Muslim Political Action Committee, plan to march on D.C. to protest the discrimination they have been facing since 9/11/2001. Well now a group has gotten together to organize a 2 million biker march on D.C. at the same time to “remember those who were killed on 9/11 and to honor our Armed Forces who fought those who participated in this attack.”

While it’s hard to say exactly what will happen, it should be an interesting event to follow so stay tuned to American Military News for all the latest!


s we previously reported, a Muslim Political Action Group is planning a “Million Muslim March” in Washington D.C. on Sept. 11. Now comes word that 2 million bikers from across America plan to join them.

The American Muslim Political Action Committee (AMPAC), which organized the march, claims Muslims nationwide have been “victims” of anti-Islamic bigotry in the years following the Sept. 11, 2001, Al Qaeda terrorist attacks that killed nearly 3,000 people.

The bikers say they’re heading to D.C. to “remember those who were killed on 9/11 and to honor our Armed Forces who fought those who participated in this attack.”

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29 Responses to 2 Million Bikers To Storm D.C. On 9/11 To Stand Against The Million Muslim March

  1. Kristine Rogers says:

    I wish I could go, but you guys will be in my thoughts and prayers!

  2. Maheko Kay says:

    God bless you bikers.

  3. Maheko Kay says:

    If Muslim’s don’t like the way they are treated in the United States of America, they are free to leave any time at all and the sooner the better as far as I am concerned. I’m sick to death of hearing how other nationalities are treated here in this country after they come here and rape this country to give to their countrymen. I’m sick to death of hearing the phrase politically correct. Every time I hear it I want to vomit and I’m not the only American who feels this way. True I haven’t heard many of them speaking up this way but I’m not going to be quiet any longer. That’s what’s been so wrong, everyone won’t speak up and let people know how they feel.

    • Scott Vince says:

      You sir are a true American. Ignorant and intolerant. You definitely represent our core beliefs of liberty and justice for all. Misunderstood people standing up for themselves definitely should be quieted by scary bikers with american flags. Maybe they can burn some wooden crescent moons in their front yards while they are at it. Nothing like a good race war to put that american pride back into your heart.

      • anon says:

        Before you go criticizing others, do a little research yourself. By the Quaran, there is no way for a true muslim to be 100% faithful to their beliefs without completing “jihad”.

      • Tucker Walden says:

        You do realize the significance to the Muslim world of 9/11 right? Or have you forgotten it in your ignorance? Twice the Muslims have attacked and destroyed something American, the first being the Twin Towers (3,000+ innocent and unprovoked deaths) and then again in Benghazi at our embassy (4 deaths a much loved Ambassador and bodyguards) All above caused by Muslims. The majority in America are peaceful yes, but they do not stand against the extremists. They sit silently on the sidelines until they feel personally offended by “white America’s” treatment of them. And instead of going for the root of the problem -extremists- they attack the branches -“white America.” The muslims in America are not “misunderstood” the muslims in America misunderstand Americans.

        • Pam E. says:

          don’t forget the first bombing of the WTC. USS Cole, I can’t think where the other attacks took place but there were others!

        • Ihsaan says:

          You do realize that Muslims are not an ethnic group right? My mother is Korean and my father is white American. I was born here and I am Muslim.

          You wanna my stance on this? Those terrorists who call themselves “Muslims” can burn for all I care. They murder innocents for false causes, claiming they do it for God. When God wants the exact opposite.

          So why am I being put into the same group as they are? This is unfair.

          • Balto2 says:

            If there ever was a good Muslim, where is he? We do not see any of them stepping in and stopping the jihadists and people who are trying to destroy this country or kill our people.

        • Balto2 says:

          Add to that the Marine Barracks, USS Cole and the Ft Hood Massacre just to name a few. I saw a whole list of things like this. Add to that the underwear bomber over Detroit, NYC bomber. These last two were caught, but there would have been deaths and injuries had these been successful.

      • Jim C. Titus says:

        You’re a Moron.. Keep watching this country being overrun by all these groups not interested in assimilating into America, but instead changing it to their beliefs and way of life.. Intolerance is what we all are shown when we point out what is truly happening in vain to stupid ass people like yourself… SHUT THE HELL UP>>

        • Ihsaan says:

          The United States of America is already integrated with Islamic beliefs. Whoever has told you that we’ve been trying to change this country is a moron.

    • Red Fox says:

      Like the way you american took the land from the Indians(native american), and still acts like that. My SCIENCE, Americans are truly intriguing creatures or must I should I say Humans are such intriguing creatures.

      • John Gaston says:

        I’m tired of people talking about how we stole land from the indians. Pick up a history book, it was before the civilized world! Everyone was doing it. Do a little reading on Muhammad’s war conquests.

      • Tucker Walden says:

        Also if you knew much about Native Americans, they didn’t believe in “owning” land. Yes they had tribal land but that was constantly fought over between tribes. Tell me, can you take something from someone if they don’t -technically- own it?

        • Balto2 says:

          Regardless what happened in the past, this is the present and perhaps all our futures. The Muslims don’t care if you are Red, White, Black or Yellow, if you are not a Muslim, you are to be killed if you do not join their cult. It won’t matter who you are, to them, we are all here for their slaughter. Indians were fighting between tribes, counting coup and so the only difference is that the whites came here on big ships and there was battles between them and the Indians, only now it was another tribe, but these happened to have white skin. By the way, I have heritage in both white and Red, so I can look at this from both sides at once. Abishnabi Speaks

    • Ihsaan says:

      You do realize that the term “Muslim” is for a follower of a religion called Islam, right?. It’s not an ethnic group. I was born here in the U.S. and became Muslim myself. My mother is from Korea and my Dad and his line of ancestors have been here since the colonies. That’s just a little bit of background information.

      I’m sick and tired of this treatment as well. I’m not some “other nationality”. I’m an American born and raised. One of the reasons I came to Islam is because our country was founded on Islamic beliefs.

  4. MacIndy says:

    The majority of bikers are ex-military. I was until injuries sidelined me. Although I’m still a member of “Rolling Thunder”. My heart will be with the riders on 9/11. I have never personally seen Muslims mistreated here in the U.S. But then again, they will whine to get more attention for power. That IS what I’ve seen!

  5. Michael Kight says:

    No offense to Muslims, but Islam is not a religion of peace and tolerance. While I do know more peaceful Muslims than not, none of them denounce the actions of their radical brothers… to say they are “victims of bigotry” is like the pot calling the kettle black… they are the worst kind of bigot. My opinion of two million bikers in response… why not make it three million with throttles wide open!

  6. Objectiveopinion says:

    Muslims come here with the excuse of political asylum. They want to avoid being killed by their own civil wars. Once things have calmed down in a few years they go back to their homeland. They never view America as home. While they are here they soak up benefits, take up spaces in schools (Charter Schools that a real American who will be here for life could better benefit from). Time to stop letting these people into our country and force them to fight their own wars. USA needs to stay out. We did not start this on 9/11, they did. We should end it.

  7. carpydawg says:

    we Americans have built a nation with our beliefs and put then down on paper and we called it “THE CONSTITUTION of the UNITED STATES ” we came here to build a free nation we booted the king of England out and sent him back across the big pond with his tail between his legs –and established the rule of law — but the purpose was to support this way of life –the American way of life — and no mater where we came from we became AMERICANS not green-purple-black-white-brown– but AMERICAN’S –this country is our country — and our life style –if you like the country’s you came from go back — these people we are talking about —all hold the view from their laws are better then ours –there system of law is what they want to live under — a Question if there system was so good why not go back to there own country with that kind of law & life style — where they disfigure there young girls body’s– it is o.k. for the fathers & male children to murder there daughters & sisters if in there minds the girl’s have Dishonored the family –if they want to live as barbarians go back to there own country where they like there laws and life style so either support this country and become Americans and live in a free society or go back to the old country & stop whining about our country and our way of life we love it –so join us and pledge alliance to this great nation make this country your home also — don’t shoot at us we will not shoot at you — become our friend we will welcome you become our enemy we will destroy you

    From one AMERICAN in Texas thank you

  8. Ken (skier1) says:

    If these dirty Muslims do not like it here, then they should get the HELL outa my country and NEVER come back, you bastard terrorists !!!!!!! They have NO place in this country at all. ZERO, ZILCH and NADA.

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